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[PATCH][Revised2]PR41180 pt2: fix config.guess on darwin10

   The proper default triplet for darwin10 is misidentified by config.guess.
This is due to the fact that on darwin10 "uname -p" reports the architecture
of the running kernel rather than the default architecture of the
binaries created by the system gcc and executed by the OS. In the case of
EMT64-capable processors, the system gcc will execute and produce
x86_64 code (independent of whether the 32-bit or the 64-bit kernel is
in use). The attached patch uses the presence of the __LP64__ preprocessor
symbol generated in the system gcc to determine if x86_64 is the proper
processor for the triplet whenever "uname -p" reports i386. Confirmed to work on 

Okay for gcc trunk and gcc 4.4 a week later?

2009-09-01  Jack Howarth  <>

	PR bootstrap/41180
	* config.guess: Use system gcc to determine if processor is x86_64 on darwin

Index: config.guess
--- config.guess	(revision 151248)
+++ config.guess	(working copy)
@@ -1247,6 +1247,10 @@
+	    i386) eval $set_cc_for_build
+	          if $CC_FOR_BUILD -E -dM -x c /dev/null | grep __LP64__>/dev/null 2>&1 ; then
+	            UNAME_PROCESSOR=x86_64
+	          fi ;;
 	    unknown) UNAME_PROCESSOR=powerpc ;;
 	echo ${UNAME_PROCESSOR}-apple-darwin${UNAME_RELEASE}

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