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Re: [patch soft-fp] Fixes for soft-fp


> soft-fp 4.2.2 does not differ from trunk except the files [1] difference + a small addition to soft-fp.h
> There is a discrepancy between gcc trunk and libc as for example
> floatuntisf.c is only in gcc and not in the libc.
> I have used the cvsweb interface to look that up, and if that is not
> displaying the up to date information I could be wrong.

These files are local to gcc and don't need to be fixed upstream.

> I have included a patch for the affected sources.
> The patch affects files in gcc/config/soft-fp (trunk)

Thanks, I will commit this fix (it can be committed under obvious
rules) under your name to 4.4 and 4.3 branch (after a bootstrap and
regression test ends).

2008-11-26  Fredrik Unger  <>

	* config/soft-fp/floatuntisf.c (__floatuntisf): Correct
	function name from __floatundisf.
	* config/soft-fp/fixdfti.c (__fixdfti): Correct argument type to

The fix for double.h should be applied to upstream (glibc) first and
it will be imported to gcc after that. Please send this fix (with
apropriate ChangeLog entry) to


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