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Re: [PATCH] Extend __attribute__((deprecated)) with an optional message

"H.J. Lu" <> writes:

> On Sat, Nov 15, 2008 at 12:49:44AM +0100, Manuel LÃpez-IbÃÃez wrote:
>> 2008/11/15 Andrew C. Morrow <>:
>> > Hi  -
>> >
>> > I was unaware of the previous patch, apologies for the duplication.
>> > The code changes between the two are very similar, so I don't think it
>> > makes much difference which is applied. If you go with the other one,
>> > perhaps you can pick up the documentation and test changes from my
>> > patch if they are useful.
>> To be honest: That is highly unlikely.
>> If you really want to see this committed, you need to hold this patch
>> until stage1 is opened again. Then submit it again and insist until
>> you get someone to review it and approve it.
> Ian liked the idea:
> and asked me to hold it for stage 1. That is why I didn't submit my
> updated patch.

Wow, I completely forgot about that, and I even explicitly looked at
Andrew's patch before he sent it to gcc-patches.  Andrew, sorry I
didn't mention H.J.'s earlier work.


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