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Re: [trans-mem] ipa pass for tm function cloning

2008/11/11 Jan Hubicka <>:

> There is overall whopr document; but no documentatio on the current
> implementation (yet).  I will try to put something together, wonder
> where is the best place to put it to then.

doc/cgraph.texi seems like a good place (it doesn't exist yet).  We
are overhauling the IPA harness in the LTO branch, so we can add new
information there.

>> Because really, ignoring the LTO bits, I can't see that any of the
>> existing IPA passes should be anything but simple_ipa_passes.   That
>> they aren't merely complicates understanding of what's going on in
>> them.
> Yep, without LTO there is no much value of IPA passes, except that it
> prevents inliner from blowing up peak memory use by too much of
> inlining.

Perhaps, but we may simplify our mental model if we amalgamated simple
and regular IPA passes.  A regular IPA pass simply has additional
callbacks to read/write its summary.  A simple IPA pass would simply
ignore those.


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