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Re: RFA: patch fixing PR37948

Jeff Law wrote:
Vladimir Makarov wrote:
The following patch solves PR37948. The analysis of the problem can be found

The patch also switches on extended coalescing in IRA which can be used also for solving the problem.

I found some pitfalls in coalescing code (usage of allocnos itself instead of head of coalescing allocnos list) and fixed that.

The patch was successfully bootstrapped and tested on x86/x86_64.

2008-11-07  Vladimir Makarov  <>
         PR rtl-optimizations/37948
   * ira-int.h (struct ira_allocno_copy): New member constraint_p.
   (ira_create_copy, ira_add_allocno_copy): New parameter.

   * ira-conflicts.c (process_regs_for_copy): New parameter.  Pass it
   to ira_add_allocno_copy.
   (process_reg_shuffles, add_insn_allocno_copies): Pass a new
   parameter to process_regs_for_copy.
   (propagate_copies): Pass a new parameter to ira_add_allocno_copy.
   Fix typo in passing second allocno to ira_add_allocno_copy.

   * ira-color.c (update_conflict_hard_regno_costs): Use head of
   coalesced allocnos list.
   (assign_hard_reg): Ditto.  Check that assigned allocnos are not in
   the graph.
   (add_ira_allocno_to_bucket): Rename to add_allocno_to_bucket.
   (add_ira_allocno_to_ordered_bucket): Rename to
   (push_ira_allocno_to_stack): Rename to push_allocno_to_stack.  Use
   head of coalesced allocnos list.
   (push_allocnos_to_stack): Remove calculation of ALLOCNO_TEMP.
   Check that it is aready calculated.
   (push_ira_allocno_to_spill): Rename to push_ira_allocno_to_spill.
   (setup_allocno_left_conflicts_num): Use head of coalesced allocnos
   (coalesce_allocnos): Do extended coalescing too.

   * ira-emit.c (add_range_and_copies_from_move_list): Pass a new
   parameter to ira_add_allocno_copy.

   * ira-build.c (ira_create_copy, ira_add_allocno_copy): Add a new
   (print_copy): Print copy origination too.

* ira-costs.c (scan_one_insn): Use alloc_pref for load from
equivalent memory.
So presumably after these changes your opinion is that extended coalescing no longer generates worse code?

No, my benchmarking shows that usage -fira-coalesce (extended or not) gives a bit worse code on SPEC2000 for x86/x86_64. Therefore the option is not default. But usage of extended coalescing fixes the PR. So I think for some code -fira-coalesce (with implemented extended coalescing) could be helpful for some programs.

I think we should work more on coalescing. I tried Appel/George iterative coalescing recently. In some cases it generates a better SPEC2000 scores (like x86) but in other cases it generates a bit worse code (like x86_64 or ppc SPEC2000). But at least iterative coalescing works much better than the current coalescing (I implemented kind of optimistic coalescing. I remember one cgo2007 article which was awarded as the best cg2007 article showing that optimistic coalescing is the best).

Do we need both the extended coalescing and cost change (scan_one_insn) to address the performance regression?

Scan_one_insn is enough. In this patch I also fixed some coalescing code. Probably I should have submitted them as separate patches.

The patch is OK -- I'm just trying to make sure the interaction between the two hunks is understood and recorded if there are future issues.
Jeff, thanks for the instant response.

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