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Re: [PATCH] Revised: utf-16 and utf-32 support in C and C++

I failed to notice the following response by Jason Merrill prior to sending
out my revised patch:

The draft standard only calls for concatenation to be supported within a
class of wide literals, and between a plain string and a wide string.  It
is allowable to support additional concatenations, and it seems logical to
support some mixes.

The complications with wchar_t not being at least a 32-bit value is of
course that U"a" L"b" as a concatenation could have two interpretations:

	U"a" L"b"	-> U"ab" (if sizeof(char32_t> > sizeof(wchar_t))
	U"a" L"b"	-> L"ab" (if sizeof(char32_t> <= sizeof(wchar_t))

Would it be preferable to just not support additional concatenations like
this (to avoid the complication altogether), or is target specific behaviour
acceptable in cases like this?


On Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 08:47:15AM -0400, Kris Van Hees wrote:
> Oracle has a full copyright assignment in place with the FSF.
> Please refer to the following message in the archives for the original
> posting of this patch:
> This revised patch addresses the feedback provided on this list.  This
> patch is not incremental - it replaces the previous posting.  The changelog
> entries mentioned in this message also replace the original entries.  The
> description that follows describes the changes to the previous patch.

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