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Committed: tweak contrib/warn_summary for combined tree

When diffing warn_summary -s 0 results from two similar but not
identical trees (at least the paths differed :) I noticed some
directories where the srcdir needed more pruning.

Committed as obvious.  There may be other directories that need
the same treatment but if so, they didn't emit warnings at this
run.  Maybe all the top directories existing at the time could
be automatically added.

The object directory paths also shows up in some instances
(maybe I should use -nosub or something), but this is
monotonically better, giving less spurious differences.  Tested
the obvious way, by running from different source directories,
diff'ed output.

	* warn_summary (srcdirFilter): Add fixincludes, sim,
	newlib and mpfr.

Index: contrib/warn_summary
--- contrib/warn_summary	(revision 128489)
+++ contrib/warn_summary	(working copy)
@@ -127,6 +127,10 @@
 s%^[^ ]*/\(texinfo/\)%\1%;
 s%^[^ ]*/\(fastjar/\)%\1%;
 s%^[^ ]*/\(zlib/\)%\1%;
+s%^[^ ]*/\(fixincludes/\)%\1%;
+s%^[^ ]*/\(sim/\)%\1%;
+s%^[^ ]*/\(newlib/\)%\1%;
+s%^[^ ]*/\(mpfr/\)%\1%;
 s%^[^ ]*/\(lib[a-z23+-]*/\)%\1%;'
brgds, H-P

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