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RE: [PATCH] pass @-files to collect2 and beyond

On 15 April 2007 20:06, Mark Mitchell wrote:

> Andrew Pinski wrote:
>> On 4/13/07, Nathan Froyd <> wrote:
>>> The attached patch adds special handling to the gcc driver and collect2
>>> to pass @-file arguments to collect2 and subprocesses, respectively,
>>> when they are passed @-file arguments.  The motivation behind this is to
>>> avoid argv limits on some systems and/or large compiles.
>> Only problem is that if you do this, it will not work if you have a
>> GCC that understands @ but an as/ld that does not understand @.  Maybe
>> you need more magic than what you gave.
> I don't think that's likely to be necessary.  Binutils has supported
> response files for quite some time now.  And, most people get GCC and
> Binutils as part of a single distribution.  And, if you're building your
> own GCC, you can probably build your own Binutils to go with it.  In any
> case, we can come back and address that later -- with appropriate
> configury goo -- if necessary.

  Solaris toolchains still frequently mix gcc with native as/ld, don't they?  Shouldn't this depend on whether or not we had --with-gnu-ld (or autodetected it) at configure time?

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