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[PATCH] sync C/C++ "enumerator is not integer constant" error messages

The following patch modifies the message emitted by C++ front-end for
enumerator values that are not integer constants to match the one in
the C front-end. No testcase required any changes.

As discussed previously [1], the error messages for enumerator values
that are not integer constant are slightly different in C and C++
front-ends. Mark Mitchell and Gabriel dos Reis expressed a preference
for the more grammatically correct version "enumerator value for 'E3'
is not an integer constant" rather than "enumerator value for 'E3' not
integer constant". The former is emitted by the C front-end while the
latter version is from C++ front-end [*].

With respect to translation [2], I guess .po files should be updated.
Yet, it is not clear whether I should directly modify them and send a
patch or this is responsibility of the Translation Team.

Bootstrapped and regression tested with --enable-languages=all on
i686-pc-linux-gnu for revision 119686.

[*] I erroneously swapped the front-ends in my original mail. I have
interpreted that  the preference was for a particular text and not for
a particular front-end. Sorry for the confusion.


2006-12-09 Manuel Lopez-Ibanez <>

       * cp/decl.c (build_enumerator): Update error message to match
C front-end.

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