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Re: Merging mem-ssa into mainline

Here's a summary of the speedups I obtained with respect to mainline
@119145.  I am only including timings over the affected modules.  Many
passes are now faster, but this is mostly due to speedups in the
operand scanner and SSA updating.  Also, phases that show less than
0.5% change are not included:

cc1-i-files ----------- Phase Before After % change tree PTA 16.39 15.35 -6.3% tree alias analysis 12.33 11.75 -4.7% tree SSA rewrite 6.24 5.13 -17.8% tree SSA incremental 15.79 12.09 -23.4% tree operand scan 85.90 52.28 -39.1% TOTAL 476.43 437.47 -8.2%

Interesting Do you actually have any tree-ssa-structalias.c changes in there?

Otherwise, the only reason it would be faster is that it has less
statements to look at.

I'm also about to commit a rewrite of the solving portions of
tree-ssa-structalias that take our time to basically *nothing* on most
cases (we solve all the points-to sets in one pass in cases it used to
take 6, and eliminate solving points-to sets for about 50-70% more
variables through better finding).

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