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Re: [Java PATCH] Fix libjava bootstrap issues on HP-UX 11.00

Roger Sayle wrote:
With these changes the libjava almost reaches the end of the
top-level "make bootstrap" for me, but unfortunately most/all?
of the compiled java programs "hang" when run, including the
gcj_dbtool invocation at the very end of the build! Doh!.

Possibly, libgcj just doesn't work without threads - I doubt anyone has tested a "no threads" libgcj configuration for a while. In any case, Java is not very useful without threads - did you try it with posix threads enabled? HPUX has those, right? :)
Tested on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00, configured with the command
"../gcc/configure --with-gnu-as --with-as=/usr/local/bin/as",
followed by "make bootstrap", where "as --version" is 2.15.

Is this patch ok for mainline?  Should we change the default
GCC thread model on hppa*-hp-hpux* to posix from single?  Is
there something else I'm doing wrong that's causing the java
executables to hang?  Many thanks in advance.  And also to the
folks who've managed to get gcj (almost) working on PA/HPUX.

2006-06-28 Roger Sayle <>

* include/posix.h: Ensure that _REENTRANT is defined on HP-UX.
* java/io/ #include <platform.h>.

This shouldn't really be needed. There is an autoconf macro to do it already, so libjava's should be defining it.


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