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Re: Patch - GCC Port for Infineon xc16x

On Jun 21, 2006, at 3:44 AM, Vijay K. Munjal wrote:
It outperforms

Impressive DSP performance

the instrument of choice

This list is for engineers... not marketing people... :-)

Here is the 30 second review:

2006-06-21 Shrirang Khisti <>

*gcc/config.gcc : Added source files names of xc16x for

You'll want to review the existing changelog entries and puzzle over how the above is different from them.

Please don't tar up single files... Just makes it harder...

The copyright clause for all runtime routines needs to match libgcc.c, config/xc16x/lib1funcs.asm doesn't appear to.

+const char * output_movhi_insn(rtx *operands)

Routine names go in column 1.

+ if(which_alternative==0) + { + if(TARGET_LARGE) + { + if(GET_CODE(operands[1])!=REG) + {

Use 2 space indenting to match the rest of the compiler. Also, I could be wrong, but I think {} are at the wrong column. emacs can help indent code properly, just run indent-region on it.

+ /* Following function emits the code for function prologue + It takes in account weather frame pointer is needed or not + Also among other activities it will check for certain attributes + and genrate that particular code. Also it will generate code + different related to different target options */ + + + + +static void

Just use a single blank line between the comment block and the function.

+ } + + else + {

Nix blank line before else.

+ if(REGNO(operands[1])==1)


+ if (REGNO (operands[1]) == 1)

instead to match the rest of the compiler.

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