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Patch - GCC Port for Infineon xc16x

Hi all,

????? KPIT Cummins is contributing the complete GCC port for Infineon
????? XC16X architecture. We would like to request you to send in your
????? comments on this port.

	We have already submitted the GCC patches to the 
	FSF ( but 
	didn't receive any reply regarding this. Hence we are reposting
	it, which successfully works with the latest GCC source.
	As we are putting our best efforts on this port its quality will
      successively improve and fit more and more to the current GNU
      standards. KPIT Cummins has already signed copyright assignment 
      with FSF.
      The XC16X is a new derivative of the popular C16X microcontroller
      family that is based on the enhanced C166S V2 architecture
      ( It outperforms existing 16-bit solutions.
      Impressive DSP performance and advanced interrupt handling combined
      with an integrated powerful peripheral set and a high performance 
      on-chip flash makes the XC16X the instrument of choice for demanding
      industrial and automotive applications.
     	We have already submitted binutils port to FSF and it has got accepted Along with
     	this patch you need to apply following patch to binutils
     	source so as to build the gcc.
     	Here is the change log for GCC patch.
     	GCC Version : gcc-4.2-20060603
     	Please find attached following patch 
     	Patch_gcc.tar.gz           : Gcc Patch for xc16x
     	2006-06-21    Shrirang Khisti   <>     
    	*gcc/config.gcc    	: Added source files names of xc16x for 	
    	*gcc/config/xc16x/xc16x.h    : New file for xc16x macros
    	*gcc/config/xc16x/xc16x.c    : New file for target specific
                                     C routines
    	*gcc/config/xc16x/   : New file for xc16x machine 
    	*gcc/config/xc16x/lib1funcs.asm   : New file for library routines
    	*gcc/config/xc16x/t-xc16x         : New file - target makefile
                                            for xc16x
    	*gcc/config/xc16x/xc16x-protos.h  : New file containing
                                           prototypes of the functions
    	*gcc/config/xc16x/xc16x-modes.def : New file defining PSI mode
                                         for xc16x -mlarge target option
    	*gcc/doc/invoke.texi     : Infineon xc16x specific target 
                                 memory options are added
    	*gcc/doc/md.texi         : Infineon xc16x specific constraints 
    	*gcc/doc/install.texi    : General information about xc16x
    	*gcc/doc/extend.texi     : Infineon xc16x specific attributes
    	*gcc/doc/contrib.texi    : Added the information about KPIT's
Best Regards
Shrirang Khisti
KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd.

Attachment: Patch_gcc.tar.gz
Description: Patch_gcc.tar.gz

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