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Re: [Patch, fortran] PR25289 Cannot handle record numbers large than huge(0_4)

In libgfortran you can see that gfc_offset is defined in terms of off_t and it is 64 bits there. However, at the point of interest in trans-io.c, off_t is int4 and not int8.

I found this out trying gfc_get_int_type (sizeof(off_t)) which fails miserably and in -fdump-tree-original you can see that rec is assigned (int4) n, with the int4 cast.
> If I use gfc_get_int_type (sizeof(off64_t)) all appears to work fine.
> Is it safe to assume off64_t is defined for all targets of interest?

You cannot do that kind of things anyhow, because the host off64_t (which will be used when the front-end is compiled) might not have the same size as the target off64_t (which will be used for the library). On that topic, you can e.g. read the thread that lead to According to Richard Henderson, that problem is solvable (, but I'm not sure if he's in possession of a constructive proof of existence ;-)

One possibility it to define a gfc_large_int to be integer(kind=8) if it exists, and integer(kind=4) otherwise (and do the same in the library).


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