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[PATCH] (PING] Dejagnu testsuite for GNAT

I've seen no approval for Eric revised patch from two monthes ago:

Could someone look into it? 

That's the second time in the past few yeats someone proposes a dejagnu
Ada testsuite and that nothing happens on the approval side...

Thanks in advance,


On Wed, 2006-04-12 at 14:59 +0200, Eric Botcazou wrote:
> > Will this work without a new release of DejaGnu?  If the changes to
> > find_gnatmake are needed then we should find a way to add them to GCC's
> > test support; there are other places where we override DejaGnu procs, as
> > with dg-test in lib/gcc-dg.exp.
> My understanding is that no DejaGnu releases provide find_gnatmake (it is only 
> in the CVS tree) because it was added after the 1.4.4 release.  Therefore:
> - I'm still submitting the change to DejaGnu's libgloss.exp,
> - find_gnatmake is not overridden by the GCC harness, only provided if it 
> doesn't already exist in DejaGnu.
> Ben, what do you think?
> > The GCC testsuite changes are quite straightforward, but I've got a few
> > requests:
> Revised version attached, tested on AMD64/Linux with DejaGnu 1.4.4.

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