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Re: Don't define USE_PT_GNU_EH_FRAME when using uClibc

Jie Zhang <> writes:
> David Daney wrote:
>> Jie Zhang wrote:
>>> When building a cross compiler with --with-sysroot option,
>>> inhibit_libc is not defined. GCC checks if PT_GNU_EH_FRAME can be used
>> I think a better option is to defind inhibit_libc for uClibc.
> When I searched the mailing list, I found this
> <>.
> If we define inhibit_libc for uClibc as we did for newlib before, 
> -fprofile-arcs / -fbranch-probabilities maybe cannot be used with uClibc.

FWIW, we've been using a similar patch to Jie's on csl/coldfire-4_1,
except we made it conditional on the target format being flat, not on
the C library being uClibc.

Jie, is your patch also targetted at uClinux, or is this something
that is needed for both ELF and flat?  In other words, does uClibc's
(ELF) dynamic loader really not support PT_GNU_EH_FRAME?  If it doesn't
now, I imagine it might in future.

Like you, I think that defining inhibit_libc is just working around the
problem.  I don't see why it's right to define it for uClibc and not for


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