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RE: [MinGW] PR target/19970: Java unnecessarily disabled for MinGW in top-level configure

> -----Original Message-----
> From: David Ayers 
> Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2006 11:57 PM
> Nathanael Nerode schrieb:
> > David Ayers wrote:
> > (2) changes the list of default languages to not include 
> Java for the 
> > former targets which defaulted to --disable-libgcj, and to include 
> > Java for the other targets.  (While you're at it you could 
> enable Java 
> > by default on MinGW.)

> Sure, I can work on that.  But I think this would be 
> something that should be done after the release branch is 
> created (potentially backported, if it truly turns out to 
> make things a lot easier).
> I think for the release branch it seems safer to apply:

>Then we should decide whether java should be enabled by default
> for MinGW on trunk and mainline with the obvious patch first.
> I'm not sure whether to interpret your suggestion is a pre-approval
> for enabling Java by default for MinGW, or whether we need a
> buy-in from a MinGW maintainer [I've cc:ed Danny Smith].)

I agree that enabling libjava by default for mingw should wait for after branch. Until then I think an explicit  --enable-libgcj should be required.

Since Ranjit's original bug report, I have tried several time to build libgcj natively, in order to verify that it should be enabled by default.  Including libgcj broke bootstrap, not always but often enough for me to have doubts about stability of libgcj builds on mingw.   I can't attempt to test now because the windows box to which I have access  has only 512MB physical memory and that has long been a personal showstopper for native libgcj builds. 


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