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Re: [wwwdocs] Point some GCJ pages to the corresponding Wiki pages

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Tom Tromey wrote:
> Ranjit>   As a follow-up to the previous discussion on this issue:
> Ranjit>
> Ranjit> I propose to apply the following patch that changes some of
> Ranjit> the links on the GCJ pages to point to the corresponding Wiki
> Ranjit> pages instead of the static and bitrotten original web
> Ranjit> pages. I also propose to remove those web pages.
> I don't recall seeing a response to this.
> IMO it is fine, but I think Gerald should have final say.  (And
> anyway I can't approve changes to style.mhtml)

In another message:

Gerald did respond to this idea.

I quote:

"Let me check with RMS first, if you don't mind.  More and more mixing
[r]egular HTML and Wiki doesn't seem [right].  Perhaps moving everything
to a Wiki is an option, or clearly defining some areas which are on a
the Wiki might work.

I'm a bit worried that by just mixing things will get more confusing
from a user perspective."


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