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Re: darwin cross compiling breakage

Mike Stump <> writes:

> On Jun 6, 2006, at 5:57 AM, Mike Stump wrote:
> > The recent changes to support code generation for the current
> > machine on x86 has broken darwin's ppc x i386 compiler.
> Ping?

It's hard for me to understand why such a patch is appropriate for FSF
mainline.  FSF mainline is pretty simple: if HOST != TARGET, you
define CROSS_COMPILE.  The fact that Apple has chosen to break this
for some reason is not a particularly good argument for introducing
the breakage elsewhere.  It would be better to fix whatever the
underlying problems are in a clean and maintainable way, like
separating CROSS_COMPILE into two macros, one that means "this is a
cross compiler" and one that does whatever Apple wants.

At the very least, your patch needs a much better comment, one which
does not include the string "APPLE LOCAL".

Perhaps an intermediate approach would be to introduce a new macro,
like X86_SUPPORT_LOCAL, and then define that if CROSS_COMPILE is not
defined and __i386__ is defined, with a clear comment.


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