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Re: Fix -fsection-anchors on Darwin

Well, given the time and the wrong code gen, I've disabled -fsection- anchors for darwin. It is safer than doing things like disappearing data on people, which is the direction Geoff wanted to go. I think we need a new linker feature for multiple entry points to really make this work well, and if not that, then turning off subsections_via_symbols and ensuring that works well.

If the optimizer wants to jam all the data together into one object itself, and then write out that object, that would work as well, and there is something appealing about that. Also, to get nice codegen and dead code stripping, I think we want LTO to manage this issue.

This fixes a regression introduced by:

2006-04-30 David Edelsohn <>

        * config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_override_options): Enable
        TARGET_NO_FP_IN_TOC for section anchors.
        (optimization_options): Enable section anchors for all
        non-"Objective" languages.

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