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html incorrectly installs during build

This improves the html target in the gcc subdirectory. It was broken by:

2006-05-24 Carlos O'Donell <>

* Makefile.def: Add install-html target. Add datarootdir
docdir and htmldir to flags_to_pass.
* Makefile.tpl: Add install-html target.
* Regenerate.
* Add --with-datarootdir, --with-docdir, and
--with-htmldir options. AC_SUBST datarootdir, docdir and htmldir.
* configure: Regenerate.

In general, when building, we don't want to alter the installation directory.

There are additional cleanups to the install-html target that need doing in the grand scheme of things, originally, I didn't want to include it, but, didn't want to break html installation for anyone that was counting on it via the html build rule. :-( I cleaned it up some (DESTDIR for example).

If anybody finds anything that is just too broken for words, let me know and I'll clean it up; this patch just takes us one step closer...

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