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[RFC] PR/27390, latent complex-mode bug in regstack

This patch fixes two problems in regstack involving complex modes.

The problem is latent on 4.1 too, and manifests as a stack underflow in at -O0. Unluckily, after the PR/19653 patch something convinces reload to produce slightly different RTL, and the stack underflow turns into a wrong-code generation.

The problematic RTL is a clobber in complex mode. When regstack encounters one, it calls move_nan_to_stack_reg twice on the same insn. However, the second call does *not* add a new insn, so we get only one stack load instead of two.

Then, however, when popping a complex floating-point value, the real part is popped first and the imaginary part is popped second. However, this seems to produce wrong code in this case. For this part, I would appreciate help because I am not sure whether what I should reorder these two, or rather I should invert the two pushes in subst_stack_regs_pat.

So, I propose two patches: the first one does not change the move_nan_to_stack_reg order, and only makes sure that both are emitted in the insn stream, and reorders the pops in emit_pop_insn. This patch was bootstrapped/regtested on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu and fixes the regression without introducing any new failure.

The second one changes the move_nan_to_stack_reg order, and of course makes sure that both are emitted in the insn stream. This seems to fix the regression too. It was not bootstrapped/regtested because I do not have access to the affected hardware; Richard Guenther has been very kind in testing the patches for this regression, but I'd rather have counsel from the reg-stack expert before asking him for a third bootstrap/regtest.

Does any of these sound ok, or is either approach completely wrong? (I am not asking explicitly for approval of either patch, but would not be unhappy with it).


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