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Re: [patch] enable libjava on HP-UX PA

Andreas Tobler wrote:
Andrew Haley wrote:
Andreas Tobler writes:
> Albert Chin wrote:
> > On Sat, May 20, 2006 at 12:02:13AM +0200, Andreas Tobler wrote:
> >> this patch brings libjava support for the HP-UX PA 32-bit platform.
> >>
> >> To use it/try it you should have at least PHSS_33033 (actual is > >> PHSS_33035), a linker patch, and the kernel parameters maxssiz set to >= > >> 16MB.
> > > > Why the maxssiz requirement?
> > Well, when compiling the libjava files, the jc1 consumes lots of memory. > I remember that this failed for me. I had a very weird default maxsize > of 83570688. Reducing this value to 8MB helped, but then I was not able > to run gdb. I always got messages like this:
> > --
> Pid 20872 received a SIGSEGV for stack growth failure.
> Possible causes: insufficient memory or swap space,
> or stack size exceeded maxssiz.
> --
> > Playing around with maxssize gave me the value of 16MB, also Dave told > me has a similar setting. So I thought it would be a good advise to give.

I recently committed a patch that should considerably reduce stack
usage in jc1.

Ok, this maxssiz discovery was before your patch. I have to retry then with default 8MB maxssiz. And report back.

Ok, I withdraw the maxssiz advise. I looks like this is not needed (anymore). I built and tested a current svn trunk with maxssiz 8MB.

Sorry for the noise.


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