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Re: [patch] enable libjava on HP-UX PA

John David Anglin wrote:
It does not work on HP-UX 10.20/11.00 and it also doesn't work yet on hppa64-hp-hpux*. This is future work.

Well, I should have written not _yet_ for 11.00 and maybe 10.20. I am/was not able to test on these systems since I don't have them.
Sorry for not being more clear here.

What's the problem with HP-UX 11.00? I'm fairly certain that 11.00 should work similarly to 11.11 when configured with --enabled-threads=posix although I haven't attempted such a build yet. Test results for a build without --enabled-threads=posix are here: <>.


I had to make a few changes to avoid using reentrant functions as the
prototypes are only available when _REENTRANT is defined.

I don't think we want to use the reentrant versions when threads aren't
used as there are differences between the POSIX and DCE implementations.
So, using the reentrant versions wouldn't work under HP-UX 10.X without
additional configure checks and coding changes.

The change that I used is shown below.

Then we should consider these getting into svn too, right?

It may be possible to build on HP-UX 10.X without thread support.

From our discussions I meant to have learned that 11.11 is the only system which works reliably. Maybe 11.00 too, but I think there we need some more investigations in the 100 failures.

But from the effort point of view I guess 10.20 support is a bit high.
Sure, if somebody wants this we can try to make it work. But I guess the threads are a big hurdle?

Thanks for the clarification.


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