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-mmacosx-version-min and libgcc

Re: 14 GCC HEAD regressions, 1 new, with your patch on 2005-09-12T08:41:23Z.

4.0.1 .po files committed

<rdar://problem/4231761> -Os documentation needs revision

[4.0 committed] PR c/23165

[4.0 committed] PR23225

[4.0 patches ping] treelang/23072 and treelang/20604

Re: [4.0] libgfortran/io/read.c:230: error: invalid storage class for function 'eat_leading_spaces'

[4.2 PATCH]: PRs 6123 & 18382, centralize defining __PIC__/__pic__

[4.2]: Rewrite reassociation

[Ada] Ada 2005 front-end clean up

[Ada] Add warning when using gnatbind -p in static mode

[Ada] AI-252

[Ada] AI-318 and 419

[Ada] AI-344 refinement

[Ada] AI-345

[Ada] Another fix in handling of interfaces

[Ada] Clean up wrt abort notation

[Ada] Clean ups in handling of generics and inlining

[Ada] Code clean up

[Ada] Code clean ups

[Ada] Continued support for polyorb

[Ada] Documentation updates

[Ada] Enhance generation of xref in ali files

[Ada] Enhance gnat.source_info.enclosing_entity

[Ada] Fix 'Valid on VAX fpt

[Ada] Fix another bug in handling of Ada 2005 anonymous access type

[Ada] Fix biased types debug encoding

[Ada] Fix bug in extending library projects

[Ada] Fix bug in g-pehage

[Ada] Fix bug in handling of interface inheritance

[Ada] Fix bug in handling of limited with

[Ada] Fix bug in handling of Source_File_Name pragma

[Ada] Fix bug in project manager

[Ada] Fix bug in rep clause handling

[Ada] Fix bugs in handling of attributes (PR ada/9087)

[Ada] fix bugs in visibility and scopes

[Ada] Fix error detection for anonymous access types

[Ada] Fix error detection of some renaming constructs

[Ada] Fix handling of VAX format

[Ada] Fix handling of very large packaged arrays

[Ada] GNAT.Expect fixes

[Ada] GNAT.Socket improvements

[Ada] Improve Ada 2005 error message

[Ada] Improve behavior of -gnaty

[Ada] Improve error message

[Ada] Improve error message handling

[Ada] Improve generation of checks

[Ada] Make some run-time units Preelaborate

[Ada] Minor reformattings

[Ada] Misc clean ups

[Ada] Modify Assertion_Policy pragma

[Ada] Part of support for VxWorks 6 RTPs

[Ada] PR ada/23646

[Ada] Reformattings

[Ada] Replace bad range checks with 'Valid tests

[Ada] Small clarification for warning message

[Ada] Update on AI-302

[Ada][PATCH] Fix PR ada/23788

[Ada][PATCH][PING] Fix PR ada/23788

[attn port maintainers] fix 23671

[autovect] [patch] branch merge

[autovect] [patch] generic reduction patterns

[autovect] [patch] mainline-merge fixes

[autovect] [patch] support vectorization of data-types of different sizes

[autovect] [patch] testcases fixes

[autovect] [patch] vectorize dot-product

[Bug libgcj/23182] instanceof sometimes fails if compiled with -findirect-dispatch

Re: [Bug middle-end/23991] [4.1 Regression]: Gcc failed to build on ia64

Re: [Bug target/23746] New: m32c.h has a typo

Re: [C PATCH]: Additional alias warning

[C++ BUG] Fix 23513

[C++ PATCH] Fix final overrider diagnostics (PR c++/21983)

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR23725

[C++ PATCH] Fix rtti ICE (4.1 regression, PR c++/23947)

[C++ PATCH] Fix static_cast overflow handling (PR c++/23056)

[C++ PATCH] Fix static_cast overflow handling (PR c++/23056) (take 2)

Re: [C++ PATCH] Fix static_cast overflow handling (PR c++/23056)(take 2)

Re: [CFT] re-organize var-tracking frame_base

[committed] Fix abort in contains_128bit_aligned_vector_p in i386.c

[committed] Fix char_pack_2.f90 test

[committed] Fix compiling of two testcases on powerpc-darwin7.x

[committed] fix IA-64 copyrights

[committed] Fix libobjc/23108, reading and writing of structs is wrong

[committed] Fix typo in pa.c introduced in last change

[committed] libmudflap _start/_end not small data

[committed] libmudflap mmap configury

[committed] Make arm-semi-aof compile

[committed] S/390: Fix varargs alias set

[committed] xscale testsuite fix

[csl-arm] Add missing end comment to gcc.dg/20050629-1.c testcase

[csl-arm] arm-linux-gnueabi specfile bug

[csl-arm] arm.md: Fix a failure from gcc.c-torture/compile/20050113-1.c.

[csl-arm] arm.md: Fix a failure from gcc.c-torture/compile/20050113-1.c. (Take 2)

[csl-arm] More TLS load bugs

[csl-arm] Return certain vector types in memory.

[csl-arm] Thumb register class preference fix

[csl-arm] Thumb-2 16-bit instructions

[csl-arm] Thumb-2 coprocessor support

[csl-arm] TLS register read mismatch

[csl-arm] TLS reload failure

[csl-arm] Win32 host pexec quoting fix.

[doc patch] Don't escape - (\-), which appears in the man page

[Fwd: GCC 4.0 branch open]

Re: [gfortran patch] PR 23661

Re: [gfortran,patch] fix

[gfortran,patch] Fix PR libfortran/23262 (on mingw32)

[gfortran,patch] FPE options, once again

Re: [gfortran,patch] Internationalisation of the Fortran front-end

Re: [gfortran,patch] PR 15809, part 1

Re: [gfortran,ping] support for large kinds in front-end and library

[gfortran] Add malloc and free intrinsics

[gfortran] Fix PR 16861

[gfortran] Fix PR 23420

[gfortran] Fix PR 23765

[gfortran] Fix PR23661, allow PRINT with format variable again

[gfortran] patch for mingw

[gfortran] Segfault in dependency code (PR23906)

[gfortran] Support for large kinds in front-end and library

[gomp/rfc] partial reorg of variable remapping

[gomp] !$omp atomic translation

[gomp] Add some diagnostics

[gomp] atomic operations, revision 3

[gomp] atomic pointer and float support

[gomp] dump #pragma omp sections

[gomp] Extra Fortran OpenMP checks, not yet enabled code to handle almost all directives

[gomp] Fix -fdump-tree-omplower

[gomp] Fix -fopenmp -save-temps

[gomp] fix cgraph_add_new_function

[gomp] fix critical directive thinko

[gomp] fix default(shared) vs nested parallels

[gomp] Fix gimplify_omp_atomic_pipeline plus some Fortran stuff

[gomp] Fix omp single

[gomp] fix omp spec version

[gomp] fix parallel for and parallel sections

[gomp] fix pragma handling, testsuite options

[gomp] fix privatization of loop iterator variable

[gomp] fix sharing in nested scopes

[gomp] Fix some Fortran OpenMP parser bugs, add atomic and do resolving

[gomp] fix threadprivate

[gomp] fix type mismatch problems in num_threads

[gomp] Fixlet in lower_omp_parallel

[gomp] Fortran !$omp threadprivate support, some further minor changes

[gomp] Fortran OpenMP parse tree dumper

[gomp] Fortran OpenMP parser

Re: [gomp] Fortran OpenMP parser (take 2)

[gomp] Handle 'if' and 'num_threads' clauses

[gomp] Handle 'nowait' clause

[gomp] handle firstprivate, lastprivate, reduction

[gomp] Handle parallel bodies with a single statement

[gomp] implement a handfull of easy directives

[gomp] implement schedule and ordered clauses

[gomp] implement sections directive

[gomp] Mainline merge

[gomp] Move directive lowering to omp-low.c

[gomp] new critical section functions in libgomp

[gomp] new tests and fixes for them

[gomp] parallel binding reorg

[gomp] Re-arrange mapping code

[gomp] rearrange #pragma omp critical expansion

[gomp] reimplement omp for

[gomp] reinstate open-coded static loop scheduling

[gomp] Rename GOMP_ -> OMP_

[gomp] Reorganize data sharing/copying

[gomp] rewrite deferred pragma handling

[gomp] simplify clause representation

[gomp] Support multiple omp parallel directives

[gomp] Support statically scheduled parallel loops

[gomp] tcl testing circus

[gomp] tests for omp master

[gomp] Tiny fix for #pragma omp atomic

[gomp] Translation of easy omp directives in gfortran

[gomp] Two currently failing testcases

[gomp] Update merge string in version.c

[Improved-aliasing]: Begin to disentangle clobbering from aliasing

Re: [Improved-aliasing]: Begin to disentangle clobbering fromaliasing

[improved-aliasing]: Better clobbering and clobber stats

[improved-aliasing]: Don't post-process unmodifiable vars, allglobals are not always clobbered, IPA callees pass

[improved-aliasing]: Move function info to function_ann and addescape mask

[improved-aliasing]: Reduce memory usage of memory tags

Re: [improved-aliasing]: Reduce memory usage of memory tags/

[improved-aliasing]: Remove possible O(n^2) behavior in callclobbering

[improved-aliasing]: Seperate call cloberred setting and globalmemory setting

[IPA branch] Do pre-inline CCP/DCE

[IPA branch] Fix few testsuite failures

[IPA branch] Re-enable aliasing

[ipa-branch] Devirtualization

[ipa-branch] Prettier -Q output

[ipa] RFC: allow IPA passes to run on optimized code

Re: [java] Use fold_buildN

[killloop] Improve handling of decreasing ivs

[killloop] Ivopts cleanups

[killloop] Loop reversal

[killloop] Prefetching

[killloop] Restrict scev/data dependence dumps

[libfortran, committed] increase size of value[]

[libgfortran,patch] C99 complex cleanup

Re: [libgfortran,patch] MinGW wrapper for getlogin, gethostname and getpid functions

[libgfortran,patch] MinGW wrapper for getlogin, gethostname and getpidfunctions

Re: [libgfortran,patch] MinGW wrapper for getlogin, gethostname andgetpid functions

Re: [libgfortran,patch] MinGW wrapper for getlogin,gethostname and getpid functions

[libgfortran] Commited trivial patch to fix PR libfortran/23802

[libmudflap] 23084 little fix

[m32c] fix typo in m32c-lib1.S

[m32c] long pointer support

[m32c] remove stray debug fprintf

Re: [mainline/tree-profiling] CFG transparend finish_eh_generation

[middle-end]: Handle rotate simplification on subregs.

[mn10300] return-in-a0-d0 ABI helper

[PATCH Ping] Add scan-ipa-dump functionality

[patch RFC] SH: PR target/21623

[patch RFC] SH: PR target/22553

[PATCH, applied] Fix PR23944

[PATCH, c++] tweak wording of `unknown type' in error messages

[PATCH, committed] PowerPC float register preferences (PR 24007)

[PATCH, committed] PowerPC muldi3 improvement

[PATCH, committed] PowerPC scheduling fixes

[PATCH, committed] PowerPC SET_NOTRAP_P and gen_rtx_MEM updates.

[PATCH, committed] PowerPC sync fix

[PATCH, committed] PowerPC zero FP constant (PR 23098)

[PATCH, committed] PR/23903

[PATCH, committed] Skip libssp on AIX

[patch, fix] PR23760 Incorrect behavior in testcase

[patch, fortran, 4.0] resolve iostat for filepos statements

[PATCH, fortran] Constraints for equivalence members and privatetypes

Re: [PATCH, fortran] Constraints for equivalence members and privatetypes - Ping

[PATCH, fortran] Equivalence constraints and private types - redux

Re: [PATCH, fortran] Equivalence constraints and private types -redux

[Patch, fortran] Fix for PR23446

Re: [Patch, fortran] Fix for PR23446 - Ping

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 20848, parameter and save conflict

[patch, fortran] implement iomsg tag from Fortran 2003

[patch, fortran] Large transfer support for IO library

[Patch, fortran] PRs 19358, 19477, 21211 and 21622 (+15502?)

[patch, fortran] Unformatted array IO performance improvement

[Patch, gfortran] Improved patch for PR 16861

[PATCH, gfortran] PR18878

Re: [Patch, gfortran] PR22304, 17917, 16511, 18870 and 23270 - modules, equivalences and commons - final(?) version

Re: [Patch, gfortran] PR22304, 17917, 16511, 18870 and 23270 - modules,equivalences and commons - final(?) version

Re: [Patch, gfortran] PR22304, 17917, 16511, 18870 and 23270 -modules, equivalences and commons

[patch, gfortran] PRs 15975 & 16606

Re: [Patch, gfortran] Tidy up repeated symbols in .mod files (cf. patch for PR 16861)

[Patch, gfortran] Tidy up repeated symbols in .mod files (cf. patchfor PR 16861)

Re: [Patch, gfortran] Tidy up repeated symbols in .mod files (cf.patch for PR 16861)

[Patch, gfortran]: PR21820, 23363 etc.: chuck mmap

[PATCH, i386] fix target/PR24055

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR target/23816

[PATCH, middle-end]: Fix PR middle-end/23831

[PATCH, ping] Cray Pointers

[PATCH, RFA, C++] ICE on ill-formed template_fun(&mem_fun) withintemplate function

[patch, so_7] : search_n optimization

[patch, so_7]: Allowing __move on const references

[PATCH, take 2] fix PR middle-end/22480

[Patch, testsuite] PR19181 - new test

[PATCH, testsuite]: Commited: Clean up some temp files in the testsuite

[PATCH, testsuite]: fix some x86_64 issues with recent testcases

[PATCH, testsuite]: Testcase for PR tree-optimization/24059

[PATCH, testsuite]: Use vect_shift check in testsuite

Re: [PATCH,4.2] Use edge probabilities to control speculation in interblock scheduler

[PATCH,4.2] Use edge probabilities to control speculation in interblockscheduler

Re: [PATCH,4.2] Use edge probabilities to control speculation ininterblock scheduler

[patch,commited] Add configure check for ttyname()

[patch,commited] fix PR libfortran/23784

[patch,committed] Revert fix for PR 18445 to fix PR 18803 on 3.4 branch

Re: [patch,fix, PING] PR21875 Internal Array IO and NIST final fix

[patch,fix] PR21875 Internal Array IO and NIST final fix

[Patch,fortran] PR 24112: Reopen file with status specifier.


[patch,gfortran] PR 19929: Deallocation of pointer components of derived type arrays

Re: [patch,gfortran] PR 19929: Deallocation of pointer componentsof derived type arrays

[patch,gfortran] PR 20541: ALLOCATABLE components of derived types

Re: [patch,gfortran] PR 20541: ALLOCATABLE components of derivedtypes

[patch,gfortran] PR 23843: IO on derived types with PRIVATE components

[patch,gfortran] PR 23843: IO on derived types with PRIVATE components (fwd)

Re: [patch,gfortran] PR 23843: IO on derived types with PRIVATE components(fwd)

Re: [Patch/fortran] Add documentation section about implemented F2003 features

Re: [Patch/fortran] Add documentation section about implemented F2003features

[PATCH] PR fortran/23516 add IMAG support

Re: [PATCH] -Wredundant-decls, do not warn for static forward decl

[PATCH] 3.4.5 fix PR rtl-optimization/17810

[PATCH] 4.0 fix for libstdc++/23871

[patch] : Add more move semantics to vector and deque

[patch] : Add operator=(pair) to tr1::tuple

[patch] : Optimize search_n

[PATCH] [4.2?] VRP should get the correct range for x = -1;

Re: [PATCH] [4.2] Make fold, fold (type) (a CMP b) into a CMP bfor integral types

[patch] Add support for arm-none-linux-gnueabi (Take 2)

Re: [PATCH] Another new version of fix gcc.c-torture/execute/20010124-1 on MIPS...

[PATCH] Another new version of fix gcc.c-torture/execute/20010124-1on MIPS...

[PATCH] ARM - cleanup unused predicate

Re: [PATCH] ARM pre-indexing adress mode for absolute addresses

[PATCH] Avoid control reaches end warning when the frontend already issued warning about returning no value (PR c/23075)

Re: [PATCH] Avoid types with sizeof (type) < __alignof__ (type) in arrays in struct-layout-1 tests

[patch] avoid update_ssa, speedup PHIOPT

[patch] boehm-gc/include/private/gc_locks.h: Fix a constraint.

[PATCH] Bring ARM VxWorks target configuration up to date

Re: [PATCH] Bring x86 VxWorks target configuration up to date

[patch] Broken code in m68k/fpgnulib.c

[patch] Bug in arm_final_prescan_insn

[PATCH] Correct cost computation in expand_mult (PR middle-end/22067)

[patch] cp: Fix comment typos.

[PATCH] cse: Lookup for both PLUS operands in an address


[PATCH] delegitimize pic constructs in more places (PR rtl-optimization/23098)

[PATCH] Do not gimplify to struct Foo x = 0;

Re: [PATCH] Don't caller-save pseudos across calls that may throw(PR rtl-optimization/23478)

[PATCH] Don't use update_ssa for DSE

[patch] expmed.c: Fix PR 23971 - slow synth_mult.

[patch] expmed.c: Speed up synth_mult further.

[PATCH] Fix another VRP bug

[PATCH] Fix C global decl handling regression in 4.0.2 from 4.0.1

[PATCH] Fix c++/22153

[PATCH] Fix debug info for inline function local static variables

[PATCH] Fix delayed branch scheduling (PR rtl-optimization/23454)

[PATCH] Fix EQUIVALENCE vs. SAVE (PR fortran/18518)

[patch] Fix estimate number of iterations

[patch] Fix fails of gcc.dg/debug/dwarf2/dwarf-char[123].c

[PATCH] Fix Fortran -fno-automatic and save_all (PR fortran/23677)

[PATCH] Fix Fortran -fno-automatic and save_all (PR fortran/23677) (take 2)

Re: [PATCH] Fix Fortran -fno-automatic and save_all (PR fortran/23677)(take 2)

[PATCH] Fix Fortran FMT_T handling

Re: [PATCH] Fix fortran install rule

[PATCH] Fix gcc.c-torture/execute/20010124-1 on MIPS...

[PATCH] Fix gen_rtx_MEM on ARM

[PATCH] Fix ICEs in expand_simple_operations (PR tree-optimization/23929, 4.1 regression)

Re: [PATCH] Fix ICEs in expand_simple_operations (PR tree-optimization/23929,4.1 regression)

[PATCH] Fix internal regparm calling convention vs. global register variables (PR target/22362)

[PATCH] fix non-canonical RTL produced by expand

[PATCH] Fix obj-c++/16816, @selector(a::)

[PATCH] Fix objc/20574, weird error after missing semicolon

Re: [PATCH] Fix objc/23306, objc exceptions vs unit-at-a-time

[PATCH] Fix objc/23709, error recovery for method's prototype

[PATCH] Fix pb in nested function decomposition pass

[PATCH] Fix PR 23049

[patch] Fix PR 23439/23440

Re: [PATCH] FIx PR 23547, non unit-at-a-time and nested functions

[patch] Fix PR ada/23957

[patch] Fix PR c++/17609 on the 3.4 branch

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/23180 (4.1 regression)

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR c++/23180 (4.1 regression) - tests

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/23840

[patch] Fix PR c++/23965: Bogus error message with "<type error>"

[PATCH] Fix PR C/23104, the same extern functions in two different TUs

[PATCH] Fix PR debug/7241 (regression from 2.95.x)

[patch] Fix PR fortran/22502, ICE due to GC problem

[patch] fix PR libfortran/20179

Re: [patch] fix PR libfortran/23321

[PATCH] Fix PR middle-end/14997

[PATCH] fix PR middle-end/22480

[PATCH] Fix PR middle-end/23237

[PATCH] Fix PR/23125, global register variables without asmspec

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR15366, -fno-inline-functions is ignored for static functions

Re: [patch] Fix pr23046

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR23624 in middle-end

[PATCH] Fix PR23708 (C++ 4.0/4.1 regression)

[patch] Fix PR23828

[PATCH] Fix some memleaks

[PATCH] Fix stdarg optimization (PR tree-optimization/23818)

[patch] fix test case gcc.dg/tree-ssa/ssa-ccp-11.c

[patch] Fix tree-optimizaation/21430

[PATCH] Fix tree-optimization/23853

[PATCH] Fix vector_types_convertible_p

[PATCH] Fix verify_eh_tree checking and add checking and add calls

[PATCH] fix warnings in treelang/parse.y

[patch] for PR 23817

[patch] for PR18463

Re: [patch] for PR23509

Re: [patch] for PR23626

[patch] gcc/*: Fix comment typos. Follow spelling conventions.

[patch] gcc: Fix comment typos.

[PATCH] gcse: Disallow REQ_EQUAL notes for STRICT_LOW_PART SETs

[PATCH] gimplifying leaves reference to the BLOCK's body

[PATCH] Handle ENTRY the same way as FUNCTIONs in match_actual_arg (PR fortran/23663)

[PATCH] handle zero-sized constructor component if side effects

[patch] java: Fix comment typos.

Re: [patch] libjava: avoid using escape sequence with undefined behaviour in echo

[patch] libjava: avoid using escape sequence with undefined behaviour in echo

Re: [patch] libjava: avoid using escape sequence with undefined behaviourin echo

[patch] libmudflap threads configury

[PATCH] Little libgfortran constification

[patch] m68k soft-float denormals

[patch] Make tree-ssa-pre FRE/PRE handle load after store

[PATCH] minor correction in RTL simplification

[patch] Move entry from cp/ChangeLog to testsuite/ChangeLog

[PATCH] new version of fix gcc.c-torture/execute/20010124-1 on MIPS...

Re: [PATCH] new version of fix gcc.c-torture/execute/20010124-1 onMIPS...

[PATCH] PR 23205

[patch] PR c++/18368: backport to 3.4 branch

[patch] PR c++/18445: backport to 3.4 branch

[patch] PR c++/18466: backport to 3.4 branch

[patch] PR c++/18512: backport to 3.4 branch

[patch] PR c++/18545: backport to 3.4 branch

[patch] PR c++/18738: backport to 3.4 branch

[patch] PR c++/19004: backport to 3.4 branch

[patch] PR c++/20153, PR c++/22545: backport to 3.4 branch

[patch] PR c++/22172

[PATCH] PR fortran/24005

Re: [Patch] PR java/21418: Order of files on command line matters while resolving inheritance

[Patch] PR java/21418: Order of files on command line matters whileresolving inheritance

Re: [Patch] PR java/21418: Order of files on command line matterswhile resolving inheritance

[PATCH] PR/23625

[Patch] PR21990

[patch] PR23049

[patch] PR23911

[patch] PR23943

[PATCH] remove another bogus padded-struct warning

[patch] Remove redundant check in decl.c

[PATCH] Remove some vestiges of PREDICATE_CODES

[PATCH] removes the install-normal target

[PATCH] S/390 Bootstrap failure due to fixup_eh_region_note

[PATCH] S/390: better load/store multiple handling

[PATCH] S/390: Fix varargs alias set

[PATCH] S/390: Overlapping check for mem blk peepholes

[patch] s390: support for __sync_lock_test_and_set

[patch] s390: support for dword_mode compare_and_swap

[PATCH] Sign extension elimination, complete patch.

[PATCH] Small bug fixes for df.c

[PATCH] Speed up gcse.c / improve PR15855 some more

[patch] Speed-up for annotate_with_file_line

Re: [PATCH] Speedup IMA by speeding up comp_types

[patch] speedup update_ssa a bit

[PATCH] target/PR23747


[patch] tiny cleanup in tree-vectorizer.c

[PATCH] TODOs have the same bit

[patch] tree-optimization/21430 operand cache slowness

[PATCH] treelang/parse.y coding style

[patch] VRP miscompiles crafty

[PATCH]: Correct iteration order of calculate_reg_pav

[PATCH]: Don't estimate array sizes off pointers

[PATCH]: Fix deficiency in points-to

[PATCH]: Fix may_alias slowdown in 23835

[PATCH]: Fix memory leak in estimating iterations

[PATCH]: Fix PR tree-optimization/24117

[PATCH]: Fix some simple dependence cases

[PATCH]: Make valgrind happy with tree-ssa-structalias.c

[PATCH]: Simplify inside CONST expressions

Re: [PATCH][3.4] Fix PR15366, -fno-inline-functions is ignored for static functions

[PATCH][3.4] Fix PR20239

[PATCH][4.0] "Fix" PR22348

Re: [PATCH][4.0] Fix PR15366, -fno-inline-functions is ignored for static functions

Re: [PATCH][4.0] Fix PR15366, -fno-inline-functions is ignored forstatic functions

Re: [PATCH][4.0] Fix PR23326

[PATCH][4.0] Wrong code when rotate is expanded

Re: [PATCH][4.2] Fix PR23294 (fold enhancement)

[PATCH][C++] Improve PR15855 (compile-time/memory hog)

Re: [PATCH][improved-aliasing] Don't give up on struct-aliasing if we encounter arrays

[PATCH][improved-aliasing] Don't give up on struct-aliasing if weencounter arrays, 2nd try

Re: [PATCH][improved-aliasing] Don't give up on struct-aliasing ifwe encounter arrays

Re: [PATCH][improved-aliasing] Don't give up on struct-aliasing ifwe encounter arrays, 2nd try

[patch][rfc] PR tree-optimization/21883

[PATCH][rtl-optimization] Fix PR23726

[PATCH]ARM: PR12022 arm-coff build is broken

[PING]: 32 patches are pending in the tracker (11 fix PRs)

[PING]: 34 patches are pending in the tracker (8 fix PRs)

Re: [PowerPC/23404] gij trashes args of functions

[PowerPC64] Fix gcc.dg/debug/20050907-1.c failures

[PowerPC64] Fix PR24102, floatdisf2_internal2 broken

Re: [PowerPC] Fix PR23649 gcc.dg/ppc-and-1.c failure

[PowerPC] Fix PR23774 stack backchain broken

[preliminary patch] fold-const.c: Fix PR 23960.

[RFC, for 4.2] marking no-throw at the tree level

[RFC] [4.2] Address computation PRE

[rfc] fix iv creation in vectorizer

[RFC] Hack ifcvt.c to allow f.i. conditional swap

[RFC] validate_simplify_insn(), new function

[RS6000] Nop-insertion fix

[testsuite] (checked in) cleanup up temp files

[v3] 22309 for gcc-4_0-branch

[v3] 22309 removals for so_7

[v3] cmath inlines for C99 helper functions

[v3] libstdc++/21674

[v3] libstdc++/22205/22222

[v3] libstdc++/22309

[v3] libstdc++/22554/23734

[v3] libstdc++/23417

[v3] libstdc++/23953

[v3] libstdc++/23956

[v3] libstdc++/24064

[v3] libstdc++/24071

[v3] mt_allocator testsuite additions

[v3] mt_allocator tune test tweaks

[v3] mutex linkage cleanup

[v3] Remaining bit of libstdc++/23417

[wwwdocs] [committed] Update URL for the Jacks testsuite

[wwwdocs] changed/broken links in readings.html

[wwwdocs] readings.html and broken Ada for GNU/Linux Team link

[wwwdocs] readings.html and GNUH8 link update

ada/socket.c: Provide memcpy prototype

Add missing case to substitute_in_expr

Another DOM related speedup

ARM: Fix up linux-gnueabi config

Blackfin patch: Use gen_const_mem.

C++ PATCH for c++/23357

C++ PATCH: Avoid ggc_push_context

C++ PATCH: cv-qualified rvalues

C++ PATCH: Fix PR19650.C

C++ PATCH: PR 13140

C++ PATCH: PR 16782

C++ PATCH: PR 21440

C++ PATCH: PR 21514

C++ PATCH: PR 21687

C++ PATCH: PR 22147

C++ PATCH: PR 22252

Re: C++ PATCH: PR 23099

Re: C++ PATCH: PR 23167

C++ PATCH: PR 23789

C++ PATCH: PR 23839

C++ PATCH: PR 23841

C++ PATCH: PR 23842

C++ PATCH: PR 23896

C++ PATCH: PR 23914

C++ PATCH: PR 9782

C++ PATCH: PR c++/23691

C++ PATCH: PR23667

C++ PATCH: PR23699

Re: Change language name from "f95" to "fortran"

clean up i386.md TLS-related warnings

cleanup remap_decl

Collect statistic about how much passes affect function body sizes

Re: Collect statistic about how much passes affect function bodysizes

Contents of file `gcc-4.0.1.zh_CN.po.gz'

contrib: Gcov Combined Coverage Report (GCCR)

Correct descriptions of host_integerp and tree_low_cst

darwin8, libgcc rebuilding

Re: expanding addrs for initializers

Re: fix 23630

fix 23668

fix 23676

fix 23941

fix __sync builtins mode recovery

fix alpha g++.dg/tls/diag-1.C

fix debug/20998

fix debug/23190

fix for Bug 21347

Re:fix for fixinc problem when building crosscompiler into clean PREFIX

Re: fix i387 sibcalls

fix ia64 parallel multiply-add merging

Re: fix ia64 profiling

fix ipa-type-escape buglet

Fix libgfortran warnings

fix locking for ppc64 on Darwin

fix pr21419

fix pr23303

Fix PR23410

Fix PR23942

fix pretty-print typo

Fix profile updating during recursive inlining

Fix SEGV in dump_variable

fix sjlj eh, and small complex return values

fix some c++ testsuite regressions

Fix testsuite f*ckup

fix two alpha testsuite failures

Fix v850 ___ucmpdi2() function

fix vectorization ice on i386

fix wrongly accessed chrec components

fixinc: avoid infinite recursion

Fixincludes patch for bug 23139

Re: G++ question

GCC 4.0 branch frozen

GCC 4.0.2 and PR 23993

Re: gcc/gcc ChangeLog tree-data-ref.c testsuite/gc ...

Re: gcc/gcc/testsuite ChangeLog g++.dg/init/pr2318 ...

gimple vs volatiles vs enumerations

give me back performance on sixtrack

Re: gnu assembler on HP-UX platforms (HPPA and IA64)

gomp_mutex_t not defined in libgomp_g.h

Here is the regions patch for those who wanted to play with it.


improve -fnon-call-exceptions wrt local variables

Improve Thumb code when loading QI and HI values from memory

Re: Incorrect DFA scheduling of output dependency.

Re: libgfortran patch for PR target/23556 (strict alignment fix)

Re: make distclean can not remove intl/config.cache

New Chinese (simplified) PO file for `gcc'

new dce pass after vectorization

New test for PR middle-end/23584

Note C++ friend injection change in gcc-4.1/changes.html

Re: Pass -mmacosx-version-min to ld on Darwin

patch [ppc] Complex values are returned differently depending on -mcpu=G5

patch [RFC] one's complement of vector floats ICE for x86 targets.

PATCH COMMITTED: Small cleanup in convert_to_integer

PATCH COMMITTED: Use GEN_INT when calling gen_doloop_begin

PATCH for c++/13764

Patch for hppa64-*-* bad code generation bug. 3.4.*? 4.0.*?

Patch for libgfortran; broken isnan/isfinite/fpclassify

Patch for PR libfortran/23419 (strict alignment bug fix)

patch for PR/23522

PATCH for Re: GCC 4.0.2 Status

PATCH for Re: removal of the frontend links

PATCH RFA: Fix for g++/7874 (friend injection)

PATCH RFA: Fix for PR libstdc++/13583

PATCH RFA: Increase support for restrict qualifier

PATCH RFA: Patch for PR preprocessor/13726

PATCH RFA: Possible fix for PR c++/11987

PATCH RFC: Proposed patch for PR c++/7874

PATCH to doc/invoke.texi for -fno-enforce-eh-specs

Patch to fix PR9861

Patch to fix PR9861 (reprise)

patch to fix up a typo for -mfix-and-continue option of darwin flag

Re: patch to fix up a typo for -mfix-and-continue option of darwinflag

Patch to make gcjh generate correct headers for mingw

Patch to move superblock formation to Tree-SSA

Patch to restrict extended identifiers to -fextended-identifiersoption

Patch to restrict floating point types in Fortran

Patch to update_web_docs to generate PDF manuals

Patch to xfail c99_classification_macros_c.cc on *-*-linux*

Patch: Fix PR 23891 / Eclipse bootstrap

Patch: FYI: Fix PR java/24120


PATCH: gcc.dg/compat testsuite patch

PATCH: libjava: Add multilib support to testsuite/libjava.jni/jni.exp

PATCH: Limit array element alignment to less than size.

Patch: Linux PPC64 libffi -vs- long double return

Patch: move TLS configury to config/

Patch: PR java/20031 - ICE on missing files

PATCH: Remove ggc_{push,pop}_context

Patch: require named sections in test g++.dg/other/pr22003.C

Patch: update to automake 1.9.6

PATCH: Web page update for 4.0.2 freeze

Patch: x86 sse performance

Performance patches during Stage 3

picoChip port contribution


ping - chmod before ranlib on install

Ping -- patch for PR 22438

Re: ping [testuite] [patch] array alignment fix in vectorizer testcases - parts2,3

ping [testuite] [patch] array alignment fix in vectorizer testcases -parts2,3

ping [treelang] [patch] warnings and coding style

Re: PING Re: [patch]Autovectorization loop versioning for data alignment

Ping: [4.0, HEAD] Fortran-related problems with "-pipe"

Ping^2: [patch] Fix PR c++/23118, ICE on invalid overloading

Ping^3: Uros' patch for PR22585

Ping^n: Fix PR target/22585

PR 13140 fat-finger

PR 16171, take 2: Check for namespace of basic_*stream

PR 16171: Check for namespace first

PR 17886

PR 19269 (part 2): Define character versions of intrinsic array functions

PR c++/22592

PR fortran/15326: returning strings with non-constant lengths

PR fortran/18899: ubound() failing for assumed-shape arrays

PR fortran/19239: Handle general vector subscripts

PR fortran/19269 (partial fix): Lengths of reshaped arrays

Re: PR fortran/19928: Scalarisation of substrings

PR fortran/21104: Failure to allocate returned arrays

PR fortran/23373: Early modification of pointer target

Re: PR java/23431: More restrictive overriding of interface methods

PR java/24127: ICE in libjava.compile/PR6865.java

PR/23948 -- almost rewrite tree-ssa-math-opts.c

PR/24146, asms with no outputs are not treated as volatile

PR21875 NIST and Internal Unit Array IO

Re: Problem with the special live analyzer in global alloc


Require gnu assembler on HP-UX platforms (HPPA and IA64)

Retested: RFA: fix PR middle-end/23290

revised dce after vectorize

Revised response-file patch

RFA: Add builtin bitcounting bitops for xstormy16

RFA: autoincrement patches for gcc 4 - updated patch

RFA: fix another emit_no_conflit bug (Was: Re: RFA: fix PR 23837)

RFA: fix potential wrong-code bug in emit_libcall_block

RFA: fix PR 23837 (Re: [Bug rtl-optimization/23837] [4.0/4.1 regression] Wrong code with -fschedule-insns)

RFA: fix PR rtl-optimization/20365

RFA: fix PR rtl-optimization/23898

RFA: gen_*_mem utility functions for stack accesses (Was: Re: MEM_NONTRAP_P and push/pop alias set)

RFA: Make reload merging not clobber RELOAD_FOR_OUTPUT_ADDRESS

Re: RFA: PR fortran/12840: Scalarisation of general array constructors

RFA: reload infrastructure to fix PR target/21623

RFA: remove clobber test from reg_used_between_p

RFC ping: Make regname use validate_change

Re: RFC ping: Make regrename use validate_change

RFC/CFT: current status of the fwprop patch

RFC: IA64 division sequence patch

Re: RFC: Patch to implement the fortran matmul/transpose optimisation

Re: RFC: TLS improvements for IA32 and AMD64/EM64T

Re: Running ranlib after installation - okay or not?

Re: SH patch applied

SH patch applied (Was: Re: sh64 support deteriorating)

SH patch applied: fix PR target/23683

Small DOM speedup

Support --disable-multilib on darwin8

switch on 64-bit Darwin PowerPC

Tests for PR c++/23180

Re: treelang/parse.y coding style

Unreviewed patches

update_web_docs_old removed

Re: Use aclocal in gcc directory

v850: Disable switch pattern and allow integer constants in PLUSaddresses

Withdrawing my last synth_mult patch

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