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Re: [PATCH] Bring generic&PowerPC VxWorks target configuration upto date

Phil Edwards wrote:
This patch brings the powerpc-wrs-vxworks target configury into line with
the currently-shipping version of VxWorks, and puts into place the common
bits for other CPUs as well (i.e., more patches to follow once this is in).

It also adds a new target, powerpc-wrs-vxworksae, for their VxWorks AE
variant.  That header is primarily placeholder until the tricky bits are
forward-ported from 3.x, but it allows the target to be built.  The targets
are similar enough that we factored out many of the settings into common
header and makefile fragments.

Almost all of this is target-specific; the only generic code touched
is the relaxation in target-def.h.  We needed to be able to turn off
targetm.have_ctors_dtors while still allowing the configury selection of
asm constructor/destructors to work.  The indentation may be noisy, it's

    #if not already defined
    <stuff that was there already, moved a tad to the right>

No existing target should be affected, so it should be safe for stage 3.

I'm not worried about the target-def.h change, assuming the relevant maintainers are OK with the other changes.

+/* We can use .ctors/.dtors sections only in RTP mode.
+   Unfortunately this must be an integer constant expression;
+   fix up in override_options.  */
+  targetm.have_ctors_dtors = TARGET_VXWORKS_RTP; \
+} while (0)

I can't find anything that defines TARGET_VXWORKS_RTP in your patch, so this isn't going to compile.

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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