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Re: [PATCH] Add attribute "artificial"

Devang Patel wrote:
As we discussed on Friday, this patch adds new attribute - artificial.


We do not need to set DECL_IGNORED_P bit. So, instead of removing debug info. this patch updates the debug info. Inliner is updated to adjust location info when "artificial" attribute is seen.


Setting DECL_ARTIFICIAL did not work because it does not survive after duplicate_decls() etc. Plus C++ version takes different action based on whether DECL_ARTIFICIAL is set or not. If we really want to pursue that route then further changes will be required. This patch does not overload DECL_ARTIFICIAL and keeps everything clean and separate.

You are correct: setting DECL_ARTIFICIAL is not right. DECL_IGNORED+P is what we should set. And, that should be debug backend independent; there should be no need to modify the DWARF or DBX backends.

Also, "artificial" is not a good name for this attribute; "nodebug" would be better.

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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