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Re: [RFC] [autovect patch] Implement vectorization hints

On Feb 26, 2005, at 9:50 PM, Zack Weinberg wrote:

I have not read your code in any detail, and do not intend to, but
please permit me to point out that GCC-specific #pragmas should begin
"#pragma GCC" (you do this with the namespace argument to
c_register_pragma - note the line immediately above the two you
added).  If these #pragmas are compatible with some other compiler,
please document which compiler that is.

Also, if I was just going along reading code and I saw
#pragma [GCC] ivdep, I would have no idea what it did.  Could you
please use a more descriptive name, e.g.
#pragma GCC ignore_data_dependencies?  (Ignore this critique if it's
"ivdep" for compatibility with some other compiler.)

I tried to match Intel compiler. That is also why I did not put it in GCC namespace. I will update document to mention that this is compatible with Intel compiler.

Finally, I notice that your test cases are inconsistent with your code.

Yup. At the last minute I fixed names ;) Thanks, - Devang

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