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[PATCH] missing protoypes in dummy-conditions.c

This is removing some struct redeclarations tricks which are recipe
for failure. The removed comment basically explains itself as a bad idea.

diff -urN gcc-4.0-20050123/gcc/dummy-conditions.c gcc-4.0-20050123-new/gcc/dummy-conditions.c
--- gcc-4.0-20050123/gcc/dummy-conditions.c Thu Aug 12 09:48:51 2004
+++ gcc-4.0-20050123-new/gcc/dummy-conditions.c Thu Jan 27 16:20:07 2005
@@ -20,19 +20,19 @@

#include <stddef.h> /* for size_t */

+#include "bconfig.h"
+#include "system.h"
+#include "coretypes.h"
+#include "tm.h"
+#include "rtl.h"
+#include "obstack.h"
+#include "errors.h"
+#include "hashtab.h"
+#include "gensupport.h"
 /* MD generators that are run before insn-conditions.c exists should
    link against this file instead.  Currently that is genconditions
    and genconstants.  */
-/* In order to avoid dragging in all the headers that are needed to
-   declare things that gensupport.h uses, we duplicate the declaration
-   of struct c_test here.  (In particular we do not want to have to
-   include tm.h nor rtl.h in this file.)  */
-struct c_test
-  const char *expr;
-  int value;

 /* Empty conditions table to prevent link errors.  */
 const struct c_test insn_conditions[1] = { { 0, 0 } };

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