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[PATCH]: Fix a number of bad interactions with PRE

This patch fixes a number of reported bad interactions with PRE.

This includes

1. PR tree-optimization/19624
2. Ulrich's report about induction variable causing bad performance
3. Dead code insertion causing problems for other passes (vectorizer in particular).

This is an update of a previous patch that steven bosscher had requested i submit for 4.0. Now that there are a number of reported performance regressions by various people caused by these problems, i figured it was probably important to try to fix this for 4.0.

The patch does 2 main things, and gains improvements in what it can eliminate by side-effect. The main things are :

1. Stops PRE from making new induction variables
2. Removes insertions that were never used.

As a side effect, it now subsumes partial constant propagation and catches a lot more eliminations, as the earlier patch had, but without causing any always unprofitable wraparound variables to be created (it catches roughly 3x as many cases as PRE used to, even though it now skips a large number of the cases it was unprofitably eliminating before).

The patch may slow down PRE about .5%. This is just the constant overhead of initializing the loop information. Once loop info is shared/kept up to date, we shouldn't have this overhead.

OTOH, people have reported performance improvements on mgrid on x86, and in other applications, using this patch.

I chose to add a small DCE on just the inserted instructions to PRE (it's <100 lines of code), rather than run DCE after PRE because currently
1. This will break if-convert unless we commit another patch
2. DCE will call cleanup_tree_cfg, which will unsplit critical edges, which may have a detrimental affect on the loop optimizers that i don't want to play with at this stage of the game.
3. It's faster

I plan on removing this code and running DCE with approriate options not to unsplit critical edges, etc, in 4.1.

I've added 3 new testcases, and this patch will cause vect-22, and vect-85->vect-87 to now xpass, because the dead code is no longer inserted.

I'll wait a few days for comments before committing this patch.
Bootstrapped and regtested on i686-pc-linux-gnu.

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