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Re: patch to tree-profiling branch to do escape type analysis.

On Wed, 2005-01-19 at 17:21 +0200, Dorit Naishlos wrote:

> > In a few of the cases, it hits the "PRE creates induction variable" bug
> > that i have a patch waiting for 4.1 for
> this indeed looks like what happens in vect-[56,60].c.
> I guess these can be xfailed until the PRE PR is resolved.

I could commit the  patch i have queued for 4.1, but i don't really see
the point in adding a few more conflicts to the branch.

> > In the others, it hits the invariant phi blocks vectorization problem
> > Dorit says she has a patch for.
> the other two are vect-[77,78].c, and it's not the invariant phi problem
> that they're hitting as far as I can see, but a different restriction in
> the vectorizer:

It depends on what platform you are talking about :)
On PPC, yes, they hit a slightly different pointer problem.

>            /* Supported plus/minus expressions are of the form
>              {address_base + offset}, such that address_base is of type
>              POINTER/ARRAY, and offset is either an INTEGER_CST of type
>              or it's not of type POINTER/ARRAY.
>              TODO: swap operands if {offset + address_base}.  */
> (this is because in tree-profiling-branch we now get
>  '(aint *) (off_17 * 4) + ib_19'
> whereas we used to get
>  'ib_16 + (aint *) (off_11 * 4)').

Once i push down MEM_REF through the optimizers, you'll actually get
Will that be okay?

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