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Re: [committed] Fix IRIX fallout from Solaris mklibgcc changes

> As reported a few weeks ago, the Solaris mklibgcc changes broke
> execution testing for the non-default IRIX multilibs. 

It was not for Solaris, it was for Darwin.  The proof is, Solaris is still as 
broken as IRIX was before your patch: we have not been able to do
multilib testing since then.  Clearly having multiple librairies with the same 
soname in the same directory is really problematic.

I've opened PR other/19525 to track the breakage.

> Tested on mips-sgi-irix6.5, applied to head.  I realise that the patch
> is a kludge, but it was very difficult to test IRIX stuff with things
> as they stood, and I wanted to fix that ASAP.  Like I say, I'm happy
> to revisit this if there's consensus on what the Right Way is.

I guess I'll need to resort to the same trick on Solaris, barring any 
resolution in the near future.  The problem is that the two linkers don't 
share the same configuration file so a new file gnu-ld-on-solaris will 
probably be needed only to add the kludge.

Eric Botcazou

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