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Re: Update to

On Mon, 2005-01-17 at 11:06 +0100, Arnaud Charlet wrote:
> > The patch is attached.  It was bootstrapped and make -k checked on 
> > powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu using all languages except treelang.  It 
> > generated fewer FAILures on the ACATS tests.
> Could you please post the results before/after for review ?
> Fewer does not necessarily mean better, in particular if there are
> *new* failures that are more critical than the old ones: each failure
> may not have the same importance in term of usability.

There were only FAIL=>PASS (except for one test
that didn't get compiled at all), here is the list
from my analysis of before/after logs Toon sent me.

-FAIL:  c380004
-FAIL:  c62003a
-FAIL:  c62003b
-FAIL:  c64103e
-FAIL:  c64103f
-FAIL:  c64104j
-FAIL:  c64104k
-FAIL:  c64104l
-FAIL:  c64104m
-FAIL:  c64104n
-FAIL:  c94002f
-FAIL:  c94002g
-FAIL:  c953002
-FAIL:  c96005d
-FAIL:  cb3004a
-FAIL:  cb4001a
-FAIL:  cc3017c
-FAIL:  cc3120a
-FAIL:  ce2208b
-FAIL:  cxb3012
-FAIL:  cxg2006
-FAIL:  cxg2020

PS: There's one test that wasn't compiled, it happens from time
to time on some tests on my linux machine too, probably
some file system race condition, this should go
away at the next run:

+FAIL:  c45614b


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