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Re: [PATCH] Let gcc bootstrap again on OpenBSD

On Sat, 8 Jan 2005, Marc Espie wrote:
> Long-timers know I've had trouble keeping up with GCC development.
> Well, I finally found time to sit down and fix the most glaring issues
> in -current GCC.


> I don't know what's the exact status on 4.0 (branch, devel ?)

End of stage 3, that is, only bug fixes are allowed, but unbreaking a
platform which used to work with previous versions certainly qualifies
as a bug fix (if it is not too intrusive and might put other platforms
at risk).

> In any case, this does:
> - allow GCC to boostrap on a recent OpenBSD i386 system.
> - take recent changes into account (e.g., work properly before i386
> switched to ELF, work properly before libpthread).
> - doesn't disturb other architectures (sparc64 still bootstraps).
> - restore trampoline functionality (ada runs)
> What to do ? Can I commit this, or are there still loops I need to jump
> through ?

In case you have problems getting the patch reviewed/approved, I suggest
filing a Bugzilla describing how broken mainline/4.0 is wrt. OpenBSD and
mark this as a regression.


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