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Re: [PATCH] PR target/18916; Function arg passing mem align fixes.

On Wed, Jan 05, 2005 at 09:54:05PM +1030, Alan Modra wrote:
> I didn't consider taking the address of these wretched misaligned
> params.  :-(  Still, the patch has some merit in that at least you
> now can use misaligned params in their functions, whereas previously
> you were liable to get a segfault.

Well, no.  Not on true STRICT_ALIGNMENT targets.  Just setting the
alignment low isn't enough to make "movdf" do the right thing.  You
only get away with this because powerpc can handle (semi-)misaligned

I'll agree that having Correct alignments on the mems is good though.
That will be used in emit_block_copy when we move the thing into its
proper location.

> Yes, I guess this will still fail.  It's not much different from
> creating a misaligned structure pointer some other way, though.

No, it's very different.

If I use __attribute__((packed)) in some screwy way, that's my fault.
Here I'm just trying to pass some parameters to a function.  I'm not
using any language extensions whatsoever; the program is strictly


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