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Re: [gfortran] PR 19182

Andrew Pinski wrote:
> Is setvbuf always available on all the targets which we support as
> the host/build?  Yes it is included in C89 but we don't require
> a C89 host library, only a C89 compiler to bootstrap with.

setvbuf is called in toplev.c:
  setvbuf (asm_out_file, xmalloc (IO_BUFFER_SIZE),

Now, IO_BUFFER_SIZE is defined nowhere, but some googling revealed that when
it was still defined, it was defined without further conditionals, i.e. like
so (from

Index: config/i386/xm-sco.h
--- config/i386/xm-sco.h	Fri Mar 16 13:37:18 2001
+++ config/i386/xm-sco.h	Tue May  5 13:32:27 1998
@@ -1,5 +0,0 @@
-/* Configuration for GCC for Intel i386 running SCO.  */
-/* Big buffers improve performance.  */
-#define IO_BUFFER_SIZE (0x8000 - 1024)

>From this I conclude that calling setvbuf is safe.  I had actually refrained
from making that call "setlinebuf (stderr);" as that is less portable
according to the glibc docs.

- Tobi

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