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Re: [PATCH] Emit warning for function declaration with qualified void return type

On Jan 4, 2005, at 2:37 PM, Devang Patel wrote:

This patch enables pedantic warning, in c99 mode, for function declarations that has qualified void return type. GCC already emits warning for function definitions.

Bootstrapped and tested on powerpc-darwin.
This is a regression from earlier GCC.
--- 4182,4193 ----
Qualifiers on a void return type are banned on
function definitions in ISO C; GCC used to used
them for noreturn functions. */
! if (VOID_TYPE_P (type)) {
! if (really_funcdef)
! pedwarn ("function definition has qualified void return type");
! else if (flag_isoc99)
! pedwarn ("function declaration has qualified void return type");
! }

Would it not be better if we write this block of code like: if (really_funcdef || flag_isoc99) pedwarn ("function definition has qualified void return type");

Decreasing the number of times this is repeated and also makes the code
a little more readable?

Andrew Pinski

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