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Re: [PATCH]: Fix debug/17924 and debug/19191, take two

On Tue, 4 Jan 2005, Andreas Schwab wrote:

Daniel Berlin <> writes:

This is an updated patch to fix debug/17924 and debug/19191, both 4.0
regressions (17924 is the dwarf-die7.c testsuite failure).

It required fixing a few latent bugs in the process.

Probably more still present.

Not completely surprising.
Before the patch (and since the tree-ssa merge), we basically weren't outputting any info for inline functions.

This is actually the same bug as has been already reported in another report, afaict.
" /* ??? This can happen if there is a bug in the program, for
instance, if it has duplicate function definitions. Ideally,
we should detect this case and ignore it. For now, if we have
already reported an error, any error at all, then assume that
we got here because of an input error, not a dwarf2 bug. */

Is it the case that we have a valid case of duplicate function definition?

If so, we can simply remove the assert here.

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