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Re: [PATCH] Fix PR target/16304: AIX 4.x forward reference proble

> 	VAX is hardware.  Is the hardware running original BSD 4.3/4.4 or
> a recent release of NetBSD or BSD with new Binutils?  AIX 5.1 runs on old
> IBM POWER architecture and AIX 5.2 runs on all IBM PowerPC systems.  GCC
> can support old IBM RS/6000 hardware; the OS dependencies are the
> complication.

The VAX that I have is running Ultrix 4.3 (DEC's version of BSD 4.3).
It was last revised, dare I say, in about 1990.  Binutils is new.
Every now and then a new batch of include fixes are needed in GCC.
The lack of shared libraries is a blessing in that it tends to limit
the OS complications.  The OS on the machine was frozen because the
machine ran some proprietary software for collecting data from several
scientific monitors in the Canadian artic.

The HP-UX SOM assembler is even more seriously handicapped that the
AIX 4.3 assembler.  It's only used by HP C.  Other HP compilers
generate object code directly.  The capabilites of the SOM linker
aren't well documented but fortunately HP made a version of their
linker code public.  This allowed addition of weak and one-only
support to binutils.  As a result, we now strongly recommend using
GAS instead of the HP assembler on this target.  It's taken some
work but the capabilities of GCC under HP-UX 10 are now pretty
much on a par with those under HP-UX 11.

I mention this because we seem to have taken different tacts with
respect to the OS tools.  I use a large set of GNU tools under HP-UX
for GCC builds.  I believe using binutils helps to isolate GCC from
many OS dependencies.  There never seemed to be any hope that HP would
enhance its assembler given its limited use.  On the other hand, IBM
has AIX 5L with an enhanced assembler.  Tieing GCC to the IBM tools
provides quality and support, but it can be frustrating when problems

J. David Anglin                        
National Research Council of Canada              (613) 990-0752 (FAX: 952-6602)

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