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Re: bootstrap fixincludes

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
>On Sun, Nov 28, 2004 at 11:18:32AM -0800, Matt Kraai wrote:
>> Howdy,
>> As reported in comment 4 of PR 18176, when configure is passed
>> --enable-bootstrap, the build fails because all-stage1-gcc depends on
>> maybe-all-stage1-fixincludes.  The attached patch makes fixincludes a
>> bootstrap module, which creates the missing target.
>> Tested on powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu until the build failed due to the
>> warnings reported in PR 18176.  OK to commit?

No, sorry.  We don't really *want* to bootstrap fixincludes.

>Why bootstrap fixincludes?  It seems to me that it should be a build
>module, to use during the build, and a host module, so that we can
>install it on the host.  Ideally we could build the build copy before
>GCC and the host copy after...

Right.  That's what we want.  We might not be able to do that directly at
present for some irritating reasons related to the predefined machine name
tests, if I remember correctly.  (But that might have been fixed already.)

This space intentionally left blank.

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