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Re: Avoid "I64" format warnings while bootstrapping on mingw32 host

Danny Smith wrote:
Mark Mitchell wrote:

Based on Joseph's input, would you please try adding:

WERROR += -Wno-format

to t-mingw32 and bootstrapping with that?

If it works, let me know, and I will write comments, etc., and check
it in.

No it doesn't work, The warnings with bootstrap are a *host* problem (the usages of HOST_WIDEST_INT_PRINT_* occur for functions that dump diagnostics on host)

Good point.

, However, even if put

WERROR += -Wno-format

into host frag x-mingw32

I still get the fatal warnings on mingw32 host.

I see. gcc/ uses WERROR directly. So, we would need two changes:

1) Add WERROR=@WERROR@ to gcc/, and use $(WERROR) in places that presently use @WERROR@.

2) Make the x-mingw32 change you have above.

I think that *should* work.

hack that I have been using in local mingw builds to avoid complaints
from mingw users.  I think it could be updated to use your  proto-patch
TARGET_EXTRA_PRINTF_FLAG_CHARS, but I need time to check that. The main
problkem is conflict between glibc %I and MSVC %iI64

Yes, it looks like I solved the same problem that you did, but in a different way.

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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