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Re: PATCH: ARM EABI GNU/Linux libgcc

On Tuesday 23 November 2004 00:53, Mark Mitchell wrote:
> Paul --
> With this patch, we're able to build EABI binaries that actually run.
> The simple part of this patch is the libgcc-bpabi.ver patch; we need
> to make more symbols part of the libgcc interface.  My only questions
> is:
> * Does __gnu_unwind_execute need to have external linkage?  It's
>   declared "extern" -- but nothing seems to use it outside of the file
>   where it's defined.  In any case, I've not put it in the version map
>   at this point.

This can be made static. I probably made it extern before I invented 

> The trickier part of this patch is support for .init_array.  Since the
> EABI wants us to use .init_array, we have to arrange that.  That means
> that things like the "-1" and "0" markers that we put in the .ctors
> array on most systems are unnecessary; with .init_array, the dynamic
> loader can compute the bounds.

This is probably the right thing to do, however it breaks arm-none-eabi. This 
target doesn't have a dynamic loader, so currently uses the markers 
in .init_array. The proper solution may be to somehow teach crtstuff.c about 
the .{init,fini}_array sections.
Does teh dynamic loader DTRT with statically linked arm-linux-gnueabi 


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