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Re: Ada: fix compile time evaluation of Long_Florst'Succ (0.0)

Arnaud Charlet <charlet@ACT-Europe.FR> writes:

> Tested on x86-linux
> This change fixes a bug in the compile-time evaluation of the
> Long_Float'Succ (0.0). Implementing Succ and Pred in terms of
> other standard attributes is preferable over using routines
> that try to do too much and whose specifications aren't as
> solid as those of the Ada attributes.
> Although the new implementation may be a bit slower (at
> compile time), this could easily be fixed by special casing
> various operations in urealp.adb. This small drawback is
> easily outweighed by the new approach taking 50 lines less
> code and producing correct answers on targets without
> gradual underflow.
> Test case:
> with Ada.Long_Float_Text_IO; use Ada.Long_Float_Text_IO;
> procedure T is
>    X : Long_Float;
> begin
>    X := Long_Float'Succ (0.0);
>    Put (X);
> end T;

 Is 4.94065645841247E-324 the expected answer?  Is it good enough to have
any value between say 3.11111111e-324 and 6.999999999e-324 ?


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