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Re: generalizing linux startfile/endfile usage

On Mon, 15 Nov 2004, Joseph S. Myers wrote:

> On Mon, 15 Nov 2004, Peter S. Mazinger wrote:
> > currently we have following exceptions used for linux:
> > startfile:
> > ia64/arm don't use crtbeginT.o for static linking
> > alpha/sparc[64]/rs6000 do not use profile
> > rs6000 has some addon (mnewlib related)
> > 
> > endfile:
> > alpha/ia64/sparc[64] use crtfastmath.o
> > rs6000 has some addon (mnewlib related)
> As far as I can tell from config.gcc, alpha, rs6000, sh and sparc do not 
> use config/linux.h, only the subdirectory linux.h files, so it isn't clear 
> to me that your patch makes any change to them.  Ordinary Linux targets 
> with GNU libc that don't use config/linux.h (as opposed to *-*-uclinux 
> targets) should probably be cleaned up to do so, but I'm not sure of the 
> issues behind not using config/linux.h in the first place.

rs6000 can't benefit from this patch (currently) because it uses 

some other archs really use arch/linux*.h, but we could shorten code, if 
they would include the generic linux.h before the specialized version, the 
specialized versions will carry only the arch-specific defines, without 
duplicating much of the code that is generic (currently these arch 
specific linux*.h files seem to be copies from the generic one rewritten 
for this arch, much redundancy there)


Peter S. Mazinger <ps dot m at gmx dot net>           ID: 0xA5F059F2
Key fingerprint = 92A4 31E1 56BC 3D5A 2D08  BB6E C389 975E A5F0 59F2

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