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blocking incompatible flags


Proposed blocking flags to add to cc1_options:
as discussed earlier (related to pie patches) this is my new proposed 

I know there were objections to mix compile time flags w/ linker flags
There are 2 ways out of this:

1. leave them out (fno-PIC|fno-pic|fPIE|fpie)
2. those who want to choose 1. before deciding so, please reconfigure your 
own specs file by adding
%{shared:-fPIE} (or %{shared: -fno-PIC} to cc1 and rebuild your system
If you were right, then all the builds have to succeed (and will, if the 
libs are built all the time in 2 steps, first compiling and after that 
linking, then the 2 flags won't disturb each other)
Successful build means libraries w/o text relocations.

The above combination will produce faulty libs, if compiling and linking 
is done in one step.

If you don't end up w/ text relocations in the libs then I was wrong and 
the compiler flags do not have to be added.

No ChangeLog entry until I know what will really be added.

Please CC to me

Thanks, Peter

Peter S. Mazinger <ps dot m at gmx dot net>           ID: 0xA5F059F2
Key fingerprint = 92A4 31E1 56BC 3D5A 2D08  BB6E C389 975E A5F0 59F2

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