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Re: [committed] html generation

> If that's our policy, there should be a pointer to the repo on the gcc 
> cvs page.
> I was under the assumption that those changes would be merged by the 
> normal ->src merge process.  Also, I didn't see the policy on the web 
> site.  Do you have a pointer to it?

The "normal" merge process is for libiberty and include, not for
toplevel.  I never got either gcc or src to agree to let the other
repository be the master, so patches end up going into both sides and
needing merges both ways.  Plus, the toplevels aren't consistent
enough to auto-merge the ChangeLogs (the MAINTAINERS files are a big
problem for that, for example).

So, they're manually merged, preferably by the people doing the
commits.  Since not everyone can commit to both sides, we can't make
it a "rule".  The current process works only because I have the
authority to approve toplevel patches in all the requisite projects,
so I just declare it to be needed ;-)

> Anyway, I merged them over...


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