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Re: [PATCH] libffi support for CRIS

On Mon, 8 Nov 2004, Simon Posnjak wrote:
> V sob, 06.11.2004 ob 18:48 je Hans-Peter Nilsson napisal(a):
> > > > Don't you mean initialize_aggregate_packed_struct here?
> > > No, thats correct - this one works on aligned parameters, not packed.
> > What do you mean by that?  The return value doesn't have any
> > different layout than parameters; it's "packed" too.  I see no
> > reason to not call initialize_aggregate_packed_struct there.
> There was a reason why I left that in, but i can not recall what it was.

That's a good hint that a comment is needed there, whatever the
call should be.  (SCNR.)

> Does the ffitest (or the test-suite) work if you comment it out? [I
> would try it myself but i really do not have the time to do it right
> now]

I haven't run it, but I will not commit anything without running
whatever testsuite there is.

Now we wait for a say from the libffi maintainers regarding the
modifications to the target-independent files.

brgds, H-P

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