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Re: patch: cleanup gcc.dg/vect/ (take 2)

On Mon, Nov 08, 2004 at 05:33:54PM -0500, James A. Morrison wrote:
> Janis Johnson <> writes:
>  Are the following run time tests or dejagnu tests?

They would be procs in *.exp files similar to
check_named_sections_available in lib/target-supports.exp.  They could
be used via related dg-require-* procs or using dg-target-list if that
patch is accepted.  Each check_* proc would compare the current target
to a list of targets for which the attribute is known to be true, or
return a result depending on whether a test case could compile, or
some combination of those.

> > Is this a sufficient set of new check_* procs?
> > 
> >   vect_int_fp:   target supports both integer and floating point vectors
>  These need to be split.  MIPS supports floating point, SPARC with VIS 1
> only supports integers, but I think VIS > 2 supports floating point vectors.

Good point, thanks.

> >   vect_align:    target handles mis-aligned vectors
>  perhaps vect_misalign?
> >   vect_bitwise:  target provides vector bitwise operations
> >   vect_max:      target provides a vector max operation
> > 
> > New support in
> > would allow combining check_* procs and targets, so a test could use
> > [dg-target-list xfail [expr [check_vect_int_fp]] && [check_vect_align]]].
>  What about using unsupported instead of xfail?

That could be done by putting a target list in dg-final instead of an
xfail list.  A particular dg-final check would use a target list if it
is only relevant for particular targets, or an xfail list if the check
should be tried for every target that runs the test but is a known
failure (with an open PR) on some targets.


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