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Re: Further diagnostic quoting cleanup patch

> From: "Joseph S. Myers" <>
>> On Sun, 7 Nov 2004, Paul Schlie wrote:
>> please consider that "pretty-printing" is most likely properly within
>> the domain-of-responsibility of text formatting, and display programs,
>> not core development tools.
> pretty-print.[ch] are the part of GCC which I refer to as the
> pretty-printing code.  Likewise other such files such as
> c-pretty-print.[ch].  Diagnostic texts are for humans, in their native
> language and preferred character set as determined by the locale, ...

Thanks for your comprehensive response, where although I don't agree with
the goals or resulting solution; I appreciate your premises, and decisions.

(For what it may be worth, I suspect my bias is based on a believe that
 it's misplaced to enable programming language, and correspondingly their
 tools, to become more multi-lingual themselves (although do appreciate
 their necessity to more easily process multi-lingual text); as for good
 or bad, observe that Roman-English oriented programming languages which
 have dominated the industry over the past handful of decades, have had
 the beneficial effect of unifying the industry, which I honestly believe
 will be diminished if languages and tools are enabled to become multi-
 lingual themselves. As historically the most prosperous societies are
 those which have been unified by a common language, not those which have
 had to compromise by attempting to transliterate communication between
 multiple dialects.  Which may actually become more significant with
 respect to programming languages, as although the effects of computing
 is becoming increasing prevalent in society in general, the complexity
 and corresponding skill required to author meaningful programs are
 increasing, while the industry is likely to continue to consolidate.
 Implying the need to maintain a common language is likely to remain,
 of not become more significant; therefore should not enabled to become
 increasing littered with multi-lingual/extended-character-set noise.
 Therefore perceive GCC's and language standards in general increasing
 acceptance of extended character sets utilization for error/warning
 messaging, identifiers, and potential full multi-lingual dialects as
 being counter productive; but do understand this view may be somewhat
 extreme, although hopefully not unfounded.)

Again thanks, and best of luck, (I guess time will tell...), sincerely,


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