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Re: Further diagnostic quoting cleanup patch

> Joseph S. Myers writes:
> This patch continues the move away from `' as quotes.  It fixes
> various programs which don't use the core pretty-printing
> infrastructure to use '' instead of `' ...

As my last comment on GCC WRT "pretty-printing" (I promise):

Although I recognize %q nicely enables the convenient " quoting of
format arguments without having to escape "'s within format strings;
please consider that "pretty-printing" is most likely properly within
the domain-of-responsibility of text formatting, and display programs,
not core development tools.

As formatting/display programs are perfectly capable of matching ' and "
quotes within text and generating/displaying their "pretty" counterparts
without requiring their explicit presence, just as word-processing do
when generic quotes are entered by the user; GCC should likely just
simply strive to consistently utilize generic ' and " characters, and
leave aesthetic encoding/display decisions to other tools.

Correspondingly, although I don't quite know what you mean by making
corresponding changes within your new parser, I hope you don't mean
that you've tweaked your parser to parse "pretty-quotes" as generic
ones, as I don't suspect it's appropriate for GCC to assume the right
to alter lexical definition of the language definitions it supports?

Regardless of you final decisions, best of luck,


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